Forbes Trendy ZIP Vacuum Cleaner

The 1000 Watt vacuum cleaner has an attractive, lightweight, ultramodern design that looks aesthetically appealing wherever it is placed. It is also enabled with an automatic thermal load cut-out that protects it from overheating, thus making it safe for daily use.
  • Powerful Suction Function with 1000W Motor
  • Wide range of accessories to suit varied cleaning needs
  • Light weight, compact vacuum cleaner and on-board accessory storage
  • Dust bag full indicator that notifies you when the dust bag is full and needs to be emptied for continued cleaning
  • Thermal overload cut-out for added safety

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  • Powerful Suction Function with 1000W Motor

    Trendy Zip with a 1000 W motor has a powerful suction that removes deep embedded dust and dirt from all the upholstery.


  • Wide Range of Accessories

    Trendy Zip has a wide range of accessories that can be used efficiently for versatile cleaning.


  • On Board Accessory Storage

    Trendy Zip is designed with on board storage facility of all the accessories to ensure that the unit is kept in ready to use position. Helps you carry the unit without removal of the hose pipe, thus facilitating quick cleaning and organized storage.


  • Dust bag full indicator

    The smart indicator warns you when the dust bag gets full, thereby restricting the drop in suction power.


  • Thermal Over Load Cut Out

    The thermal over load cut out protects the unit from getting damaged in case of overload, heating or current fluctuations.

Body Type
300 x 210 x 185
No. of Accessories
Accessory Modules
Cervice Nozzle, Floor cum carpet brush, Multipurpose brush


Suction of Motor
1900 mm of water column


Input Power (IEC)
1000 watts
230V AC, 50Hz


Convenience Feature
Compact Size, Light Weight
Usage Surface
Usage Area
Deep Cleaning